Broke Dick The 1st E-Juice Review

ven without considering its price, I loved the last Broke Dick e-juice that I’ve tasted. Interested, I’m now trying to see what this has to offer. Now, where do I start? Of course…. with the 1st.

As described on its website, the 1st is fresh strawberries and rich vanilla custard come together in a magical mix of berries and cream, topped with Cool Whip. It says you should get it before Uncle Sal steals the last crate. The definition really does sound enticing so let’s talk about the flavor first.

It has a quick burst of coolness with a lip tingling combination. On the inhale, you will feel a cooling sensation of a frozen strawberry mixed with a whipped cream flavor. You can actually taste frozen strawberry chunks. On the exhale, these chunks blend together to create a real strawberry ice cream flavor. It sounds crazy but the strawberry ice cream-like flavor continued to give a real bits of strawberry impression even on the aftertaste. No doubt, strawberry lovers will surely have a great time using this e-juice.

I love the sweetness this product has and how each different ingredients portray their specific roles to create this awesome overall taste. The flavor penetrates deep into your palate, and that is absolutely delicious. So if you are hunting for a mixture of different tastes that are rolled into one, then Broke Dick’s The 1st might actually come in handy for you.

The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio is 70/30. However, I highly recommend steeping when you receive this for at least a day. The e-liquid’s consistency was a bit runny at first, so it is best to let it settle for a while. Of note, vegetable glycerin is used as a food additive and as flavor and nicotine carrier in e-juices. Propylene glycol is also a food additive found in many things we usually hit. Clouds for this e-liquid are pretty solid; not too thick or thin, and do not easily disperse.

I used an RDTA to taste this, and the sensation was very good. The e-juice quickly absorbed in the cotton and it was not bad on the gunking as well. In fact, the cotton did a pretty good job to last through an entire day. But, of course, it is implied that if you run at higher wattage, results will always differ.

Talking about its presentation, the standard packaging still applies to this just like the rest of the flavors. It comes in an attractive bold mustard yellow label, featuring the youthful looking Uncle Monopoly Mayor with a snapback, muscle t-shirt, cargo shorts, and empty pockets sticking out. If you check the right side of the label, you will find the very short description of the product. For this, “Strawberries and Cream” with ingredients and a declaration that it is made from the US. The opposite side shows a barcode and the usual warnings associated with most vaping products.

The blend is offered in three different nicotine concentration levels. For stronger flavors, I recommend the 6 mg, average hit 3 mg, and no nicotine at all 0 mg. The throat hit it gives is not overwhelming nor underwhelming. E-juices that are not harsh on the throat are always my thing.

While the brand name, Broke Dick, sounds a bit explicit. It is actually an idiom. Broke means no more money and Dick is the name of the owner. This cheap e-liquid maker is from Clearwater, Florida that has established its name on creating good quality e-juice at a more affordable price. Just by smelling the aroma it produces, you can really tell that Broke Dick carefully craft its products with absolute quality in mind. Aside from the 1st, the company has other equally good e-juices on the shelf such as The 15th, Water Cup, Overdraft, Prepaid, and Payday.

Overall, I am highly recommending this especially if you are a sweet tooth who also have a special love for strawberry. When I say cheap, its 120-ml bottle only sells for $25. You definitely read that right, and I think no one else can be more cheaper yet worth the investment than this.


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