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Bubblegum Shortfill Ejuice by IVG Select Review

IVG Select’s Bubblegum Ejuice replicates the flavor of juicy bubblegum to create a wonderful and unique vaping experience that will bring back nostalgic memories every time you inhale. It was previously known as Bubblegum Millions and Bubblegum by IVG Sweets, and even after changing the name, it still remains one of their most popular ejuice flavor profiles, and one of the best bubblegum flavored ejuices you would try.

About The Manufacturer

IVG, commonly known as I Vape Great, is a premium UK brand recognized across the world for its delectable blends of juicy fruits, delectable sweets, and sweet candies, as well as ice-cold menthol and tobacco blends. IVG was founded in 2016 as a side investment project by the CEO of a legal company in the United Kingdom. According to their current marketing materials, they service over 60 countries and have offices all over the world.

Flavor Description

The instant you open the bottle, you are immediately transported back to your childhood. On the inhale, this Bubblegum ejuice, you’ll get a sugary sweet candy bubblegum flavor with rich undertones of banana and strawberry that will make you feel like you’re chewing on the real thing. On the exhale, the sweet flavor is balanced out with a mild chilly impact, resulting in a refreshing and soothing sensation. The exhale feels like you have a mouthful of gum. 

Vegetable Glycerin/Propylene Glycol

The Bubblegum E-liquid is made up of 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG). This is a high VG blend, and it, like many other high VG blends, is best suited for use with sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable tanks, and drippers.

Because of the high VG content, this ejuice rewards your vaping sessions with massive clouds of vapor every time you exhale. Although it has a high proportion of VG, you won’t have to worry about it clogging your coils when vaping.

Not only that, but the PG ratio utilized in this ejuice is responsible for the powerful flavor delivery and smooth hits that you are rewarded with when you inhale.

Nicotine Concentration

This is a shortfill, which means you may add your preferred nicotine to create a more personalized vaping experience. It does not contain any nicotine at all, making it ideal for vapers who like to enjoy their ejuice without any nicotine at all. If you add a 1x18mg nicotine shot, you’ll get a 60ml bottle of 3mg eliquid.

When you need to do this, simply open the container, add the required amount of nicotine to the eliquid mixture, and close it again. Shake briskly to ensure that the nicotine mixes properly with the other components of the eliquid mixture. When you’re through, you’ll have a vape-ready eliquid formula. If you require more nicotine, simply add another nicotine shot to the mixture. Simply shake the bottle well once you’re finished.


The Bubblegum Shortfill Ejuice comes in 60ml Shortfill bottles with 50ml of 0mg e-liquid and enough room for 1 x nicotine shot. The bottle has a child-resistant top and a tamper-evident seal. Vapegreen sells the Bubblegum Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Select for £11.99. They not only offer some of the most reasonable pricing when compared to other vape retailers, but they also have rapid shipping and other perks such as free UK delivery and same-day dispatch.

Final Note

Even with the plethora of bubblegum-based ejuices on the market, this Bubblegum Shortfill Ejuice by IVG Select still remains one of the best, and your taste senses would be able to testify after a drag. IVG was able to not only perfectly deliver on the flavor, but also on the texture in this Bubblegum ejuice, making it outright beautiful and an ejuice that you will most likely return to once you run out.