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Drag Q Vape Kit By VooPoo Review

Looking for something to make you stand out while you vape? You have come to the right place, or should I say, to the right mod vape pen.

The Drag Q vape kit by VooPoo is far from your standard run-off-the-mill mod vape pen. It is different from many of the pod mods from VooPoo, and quite different from any other vape device you may find on the market today. The device sports a 3.5ml ejuice tank, a 1250mAh battery, and an adjustable airflow dial that simultaneously adjusts the wattage whenever you turn it on.

Device Specifications

  • Size: 35mm X 20mm X 120mm
  • Capacity: 3.5ml/2ml(TPD/UK)
  • Battery: 1250mAh
  • Output Power: 8-25W
  • Adjustable Wattage/Airflow Dial
  • Colors: Vitality Orange, Classic Red, Carbon Fiber, Galaxy Blue, Chestnut, Marsala

Looks And Feel

The Drag Q looks similar to Voopoo’s Drag X and Drag S pod modifications, but it’s significantly smaller and lighter. With a tall body and round tank-style pod, it has the pod mod aesthetic, but its tiny size makes it much less clunky than the devices described.

According to the maker, the Drag Q’s grip is constructed of genuine leather, and it certainly feels like it. The leather grip is stamped with a huge DRAG Q emblem and has raised faux stitching along the leather grip’s outside borders. A huge, robust airflow control dial is located on the rear of the Drag Q, right below where the pod rests. Above the dial is a Gene chip logo and a + and – sign that indicates which direction to crank the dial to enhance or reduce airflow.

The gradient LED lighting strip on the front of the Drag Q is another cool feature. This light strip illuminates faintly from the bottom when the airflow/power dial is cranked all the way down. As the airflow/power is increased, the lighting strip gradually lights up towards the top of the strip until it is fully shining at maximum airflow/power. This is something you’ve probably never seen on a pod vape, so kudos to VooPoo for the creativity.

A Pod Designed Just For Your Versatile Lifestyle

VooPoo’s new tank-style pod, the ITO-X POD, is included with the Drag Q. It fastens to the pod with a “pinball buckle” design, according to Voopoo. The pod is simple and simple to fill. The top hat has the inscriptions “ADAPT ITO COILS” and “DESIGNED BY VOOPOO.” It’s also knurled around the edges to aid removal. The drip tip on this tank is a tall, narrow-bore MTL drip tip. It should be noted that this drip tip cannot be replaced.

Talking about versatility, the Drag Q pods come with two coils: a 0.5Ω coil and a 1.2Ω coil. Both of these coils are from the ITO coil family. The 1.2 coil is designed for MTL vaping and offers an 8-12W power range. The 0.5 coil is designed for RDL vaping and offers an 18-25W power range.


  • Comfortable size
  • Gradient LED bar is really cool
  • Airflow/Wattage adjustment dial makes it easy to use
  • Airflow/wattage dial makes satisfying clicks when adjusted
  • Good for RDL and MTL vaping
  • Very beginner friendly
  • Battery life is good
  • Good pod life
  • Charges quickly


  • Silicone grip on bottom of device makes it prone to toppling over
  • Fire button is so flush with the body that it can be hard to press
  • Pod will overflow if filled too quickly
  • Coils can be difficult to push into bottom of the pod

Final Words

Overall, the Drag Q vape kit meets its intended design, being a device suitable for MTL and DTL vaping. Only a few devices have been able to pull off this dual vaping feat and this is definitely one of those devices. Its compact size makes it easy for you to carry about and did I forget to mention that it is pretty affordable for a premium-quality device? You can thank VooPoo for that one. 

The Drag Q mod vape pen can be bought directly from their website for $39.99, and you also have the option to choose from any of the available hues including chestnut, vitality orange, marsala, galaxy blue, classic red, and carbon fiber.