DSE 601 E Pipe

And now something completely different! After reviewing some of the e cigarettes you can get your hands on on the market, it is time to review an e pipe.

I put the batteries in the charger immediately after getting my e pipe shipment. Instructions said that the batteries need the full  12 hour charge or there might be problems with them, so I went along with it.

The pipe was a bit different form that seen in the pictures. All the pictures show a lacquered pipe bowl of a darker, reddish shade of wood. This one isnt lacquered, though it has been polished with some sort of wax. The wood is of a lighter tone, not red or reddish. But that is not the bad thing, on the contrary.

As for the appearance, I got what I was expecting.

The battery was finally ready, so I put in a cart with flavored juice. Seems the pipe acts just like a pipe. A few drags to prime it, and the vapor is really good.

Vapor production on the 601 e pipe is really very good, and you would expect from a pipe.

Along with good vapor you get quite a throat hit. It hits and it stays for some time. Very good.

The vapor does not last when you exhale it, so it is good for everyone else, no smells and no smoke anyone could complain about.

One cartridge is replacing almost two packs of traditional cigarettes.

It seems that e pipe could be a good way for giving up on traditional tobacco smoking. Although not so convenient for carrying around, it is still quite stylish.


Very good vapor production, Quite a throat hit. Stylish look.


Not appropriate for carrying around.



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