Dse 701 E-Cigar By Cotan E-Cig

Des 701 E-Cigar standard content:

•  1  x  Atomizer
•  2  x  rechargeable batteries (360mAh)
•  5  x  refill cartridges
•  1  x  Wall charge plug(110-220V)

E-Cigarette (Dse701) Specifications:

•  Size: Diameter12mm Length: 148mm
•  Weight of single cigarette: 35.2g
•  E-liquid content of each cartridge: 1.7g
•  Each cartridge equals traditional cigarette: 30PCS
•  Mouthfuls for each cartridge keep: 400-500mouthfuls
•  Battery capacity: 360mAh
•  Normal working voltage4.2_3.3V
•  Charge voltage: 4.2V
•  Charging time: 3.0-3.5 hours
•  Full charged battery lasts for: 400-500puffs
•  Heating coil resistance: 2.7-3.0ohm
•  Battery life: More than 300 times

Function Description:

•  With a dual-lamp light indicator (red light means working condition,  green light means alarm state)Install batteries,  green light flashes once,  said power on,  go on standby.
•  Smoking red light turns on; Stop smoking red light quench,  go on standby
•  The LED light flashes continuously when the battery voltage falls below 3.4V,  indicating a low voltage alarm,  replace the battery
•  Flow,  sensitivity in the sense that the same with the smoke of ordinary cigarettes
•  Green light turns on when fully charged or in no-load,  red light in the charging state. Charger output voltage between 4.18 ~ 4.35V.


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