E-Juice Tank Cleaning: Rinsing Off The Flavor

Ejuice tank cleaning is an essential task of vapers who specifically use non-disposable high-end tanks. Cleaning is important in maintaining the tank in good condition and it is likewise important in removing a heavy flavor from the e-juice you previously vaped.

Best cheap vape juice flavors tends to affect the taste of the next e-juice flavor you plan on vaping. The heavy flavor lingers on the tank. Even if you are the adventurous type of vaper who is okay with mixing e-liquid flavors together, there will be unfortunate times when the flavor you last vaped would not sit well with the next flavor you are planning to enjoy.

Rinsing Off The Flavor Through E-Juice Tank Cleaning

There are flavors that could be easily removed by performing a good dry burn. Yet, there is some premium but cheap e-juice whose flavors could be really strong and pungent that dry burning will not be enough to purge the ghostly odor. Here are some useful steps you could perform to avoid unintentional gross vapor blends.

Not Even A Drop Of E-Juice Should Remain

You first need to take off the tank from the device. The drip tip should be removed and the tank unscrewed from the base. The process is like filling the tank with an e-juice except that this time, you are actually draining the juice. Drain the remaining drops of e-liquid onto a paper towel and make sure that not even a single drop remains.

Rinse And Rinse It Good

The open-ended tank should be well filled with lukewarm water and isopropyl alcohol. Remember not to do this with the full closed tank or your oil will definitely be damaged. Once the open-ended tank is filled with water and alcohol, place your thumb on the open end and then shake it vigorously for several seconds. Afterward, dispose of the water-alcohol solution accordingly. Take notice of the color of the liquid after you have shaken it. The water should look somewhat cloudy. You could repeat the process until you see the resulting liquid after your vigorous shake already clear.

Let It Dry Thoroughly

Allow the tank to thoroughly dry. If you cannot wait until the tank is dried out by the natural process of evaporation, you may blow through the tank to remove as much water from it as possible. Once you are done blowing, you could use a twisted up paper towel or a q-tip to dry the inside surface of the tank.

Cleaning The Coils

In order to fully get rid of the unwanted flavor or smell, you should not just clean the tank, but also the coil. It is most certain that the coil has an accumulation of gunk that you need to remove. This is the gunk that you should remove if you wish to vape your next selection of e-liquid unadulterated by any heavy flavor from your previous e-liquid.

Cleaning the coil also helps it to produce vapors more effectively. To do this, you would need to dry burn the coil.

A new heating element should be screwed on to the device. Press the switch button and you will hear a pop and a sizzling sound and afterward see some vapors coming up. This means that the gunk on the coil is being sizzled off the coil. Be sure not to blow into the coil while it is being heated. This will only damage the coil.

Keep the battery activated until the coil is already glowing a bright orange color. At this point, you know that the accumulated gunk has been vaporized already.

Now, you are all set in once again preparing the atomizer tank and vaporizer for your next vape session. Be sure to prime it up first by taking 5-7 dry pulls. You should notice some small bubble forming on the coil to indicate you are ready to vape enjoyable again. If the heavy flavor still remains after soaking overnight, consider changing your coil.


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