Eleaf Tance Kit Review

Eleaf began in 2011, and they have continued to provide the vaping community with high-quality devices. They utilize advanced technology in their devices, to make it a best suit for any vaper. If you have any experience with vaping, you may have come across devices by Eleaf. They may have made a few devices in the past, but Eleaf continually step-up their game with devices like the Tance.

The Tance is a draw-activated pod system, so it does not have any buttons whatsoever, lending the device a cigarette-like feel. The Tance is also refillable, so you get to use whatever e-liquid of your choice. The Tance is a unique pod system, it is simple, elegant, and portable. The vape market is already choked up with pod systems, what makes the Eleaf Tance Pod System stand out?

Something quite similar to most Eleaf products is the quality of packaging, the Tance is no different. The Tance device comes well packed in a rectangular cardboard box with its image on the front of the box. Around the back of the box is a list of the contents of the kit, some technical information, warnings, and the manufacturer’s contact. Inside the box is the Tance device and a 1.2ohm pod. Below these, you will find the Type-C USB Cable and One User Manual.

The Tance kit is available on the Eleaf World site within the price range of $23.19-$27.60. The device is available in 6 exciting colours to suit any kind of vaper. It is available in White-Streak, Black, Macaron, Scarlet, Star, and Black-Streak.

In terms of its design, the Tance is made mostly of a zinc-alloy. On its sides are plastic panels with nice bevelled chrome trim that make the device more ergonomic, and as such it is very comfortable to hold in your hand. The Tance measures 14mm x 24mm x 95.6mm, and it weighs 55g. The chassis of the device is durable, and its form factor makes it a very portable pod system that you can carry around in your pocket or bag.

The Eleaf Tance utilizes a 580mAh battery with a maximum output of 10watts, which is good for a pod device. The battery is strong enough to keep you vaping for as much as an entire day before you need a recharge. With the Type-C USB compatibility, you can fully charge the Tance device from a dead battery in less than an hour. The USB-C port is at the bottom of the device, and it is a secure way to charge the device. Also, USB-C is reversible, so there is no wrong way of inserting the USB cable.

On first sight of the device, you will notice an LED indicator it’s front face. It serves as a battery level indicator, allowing you to monitor the current battery level of your Tance device while you vape. The LED shines Green when the battery level is between 100-20%, and Red when the battery level is below 20%.

The Tance pod can hold 2ml of e-liquid, which is good for a pod device. The pod is made from a slightly tinted plastic. One side of the pod is flattened so it fits your mouth very well when you go in for a draw. The Tance Vape Pod comes with a preinstalled 1.2ohm Ni-Cr alloy coil, which produces amazing flavour, and a sufficient amount of vapour. The pod does not gurgle or spit back while you vape. The pod uses a simple squeeze-refill method, and the fill port is located on the underside of the pod. The fill port is designed to be leak-proof, and it is wide enough to accommodate needle-nosed bottles.

At the top of the device is an opening for the pods. The device makes use of three magnetic connectors that hold the pods firmly in place, and ensure a good connection to the device’s battery. The connection is snug, so there isn’t any wobbling, and it will not accidentally fall off.

On the sides of the device are holes that serve as the device’s airflow inlets. On one side, the inlet is 1mm, while on the other end, it is 1.6mm. The airflow inlets each produce a different vape experience, and it all depends on the direction in which you insert the pod.

For a pod system, the Tance checks out all the necessary requirements. If you are a vaper looking to stay off cigarettes, then the draw-activation of the Tance will give you the same feel as that of a cigarette so do not miss out. The Tance is one device you have got to give a shot.