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Eleaf Tance Starter Kit Review

Eleaf is a significantly popular manufacturer of intuitive pod systems, which includes the Tance. Eleaf is a vape brand that was established a couple of years back, in 2011. Right from their inception up till today, Eleaf has not backed out from the competition. Using state-of-the-art technology, they can deliver high-quality vape devices that favour optimum performance.

The vape market is crowded. Nevertheless, there are a few devices that stand out from the crowd by featuring amazing and useful features rather than fancy gimmicks. The Eleaf Tance is an example of such devices. The introduction of innovative pod system designs into the vape market gives pod devices like the Eleaf Tance a place.

The Eleaf Tance Pod System is a simple pod device with a draw-activated mechanism, bearing a very close similarity to the feel of an actual cigarette. If you are a cloud chaser, or you simply like a satisfying vape, the Eleaf Tance will be a good option. The Tance Vape Kit is available on the Eleaf World website within the range of $23.19-$27.60. It is available in 6 different colours to choose from. The Tance device is available in Black, Macaron, Black Streak, Scarlet, Star, and White Streak.

Eleaf has a generic style of packaging, it only amplifies the authenticity and quality of their products. The Tance pod device comes in a neatly packed cardboard box, with an image of the Tance device on the front in the exact colour of the device within the box. Around the back of the box is a list of the kit’s contents alongside some technical information. The box contains:

  • 1x Tance battery together
  • 1x Tance 1.2ohm pod
  • 1x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual

It is not so much, but it is just about everything you need to get you started with the Tance pod device.

The Tance kit has a slightly miniature, and light-weight design, allowing you to take it along in your pocket or bag without any issues whatsoever. You can even hide the pod in your hands if you need to, thanks to the device’s smooth sides and edges – talk about a stealthy and handy pod device. The body of the pod device is majorly made of a zinc-alloy with plastic panels on the side, making the Tance visually appealing.

The Eleaf Tance pod device is 99.6mm tall, 24mm wide and 14mm thick, which is about the average dimensions for a standard pod system. The entire device weighs 55g, which puts it on the scale for light-weight pod devices.

The pod that comes together with the Tance Starter Kit holds 2ml of e-juice, which is a fair amount for a pod device. The mouthpiece is curved, making it feel natural and comfortable when you go in for a draw. The pod comes with an in-built 1.2ohn Ni-Cr coil that favours the flavour and vapour output of the device. The pod attached magnetically to the top of the pod device, and it fits very firmly. The magnets on the pod device hold the pod securely so it does not accidentally detach.

The Tance Vape Pod is slightly tinted, just enough to still allow you to see just how much e-juice you have left. If you run out of e-juice, refilling the pod is easy. The pod is bottom-filled, and it uses a creative squeeze filling system. The fill port is large enough to fit the nozzle of any e-juice bottle without any messes, and even after you are done, the pods do not leak.

On the sides of the Tance are two holes that direct airflow into the pod device. These holes are of different sizes, and they offer two different vape experiences that depend on how you insert the pod to the device.

To power such a device, Eleaf uses a 580mAh in-built battery that delivers a maximum output of 10W, which is quite sufficient for a pod system. It is enough to keep you latched on to your e-juice all day. On the face of the device is an LED battery level indicator. It shines Green when the device’s battery is sufficiently charged, and Red when the device needs a recharge. Even when you are completely out of battery, the Tance features the new-age Type-C USB capability which can get you back to your favourite hobby in no time.

The Eleaf Tance is a step in the right direction. If you are looking for a first device to get used to vaping, or you need a backup vape system, then the Tance is a definite yes.