Electronic Cigars Good or Bad?

Electronic Cigars have hit the market in a big way. The one question you may have is, are electronic cigars good for you or perhaps bad for you. Well the answer to that question is complicated.

There are many reasons why electronic cigars are good for you if you are currently a smoker who has tried to quit for many years without success. If you have tried to quit smoking tobacco for years electronic cigars may be your answer to quitting your long time habit.

Electronic cigars do not contain tobacco, this fact makes them a great option for the tobacco smoker. By cutting tobacco out of their system, they are one step closer to breaking the addiction to the drug.

One reason electronic cigars are a good choice for the tobacco smoker is because they are made to closely resemble the look, feel, and taste of the traditional cigarette. This helps the smoker to be able to solve a big part of their addiction, which is the oral fixation they get when holding and putting a traditional cigarette in their mouths. The electronic cigarette manufacturers have gone out of their way to make the e-cig as much like traditional cigars as they can. As time goes by it is my feeling that electronic cigars will become even more like traditional cigars and make it even easier for the tobacco smoker to quit.

One of my favorite things about e-cigars and a reason I think they are really good is the fact that they produce no second hand smoke! This is great news for everyone as we will no longer have to smell second hand smoke around us and can rest easy that we are not harming our own lungs by hanging out with our friends who smoke.

On the flip side, electronic cigars can be bad because they do contain nicotine just like traditional cigars. Nicotine is a drug and is very addictive, so a smoker may just be trading one bad habit for another.

Also, electronic cigars contain a chemical that is found in antifreeze. I don’t see how that fact is not going to cause problems with electronic cigarette smokers in the future.

One last reason I believe electronic cigars may be a bad thing is that they are being marketed towards teenagers. The electronic cigarette companies are doing this by making them available in really pretty colors like hot pink, cobalt blue, and electric green. Also they are available in great flavors like chocolate, blueberry and strawberry.

So all in all the final answer is, electronic cigars are both good and bad, it’s simply up to you to decide if you want to give them a try or not.


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