Electronic Hookah Pen : A Guide for Begineers

Electronic cigarettes are a popular trend these days. Unlike e-cig, electronic hookah pen is not that famous. Due to lack of knowledge they are still using shisha smoking. Teenagers and adults are more likely to enjoy smoking shisha and alternate hookah smoking with flavors. But, electronic hookah pens are not yet famous among these people. Do you have a plan to try electronic hookah? Looking for a guide to start with? Here comes the simple guide to understand how they look and works.

How do Electronic Hookah Pen Looks Like?

If you have seen e cigarettes then imagining e hookah is not difficult. Its a slight bigger in size then e cigarettes and have more enriched colors. Electronic hookah pens look like thick markers and offer same smoking experience as you enjoy with your cigarettes. As the name indicates these hookah pens resemble the shape of pen and markers.

How E-Hookah Pen Works?

Working of E hookah is almost the same as that of electronic cigarettes. It consists of an atomizer, battery and the e liquid. Atomizer heats up and convert the liquid into smoke. You can breath in the smoke.

E Liquid consists of four components. Water, flavors, vegetable glycerine and the propylene glycol. These components collectively produced best hookah experience when people inhale the smoke. Flavor and water have nothing to worry about. The other two components are proved healthy and can be used as a food product. But these two are not tested to used for smoking electronic hookah pens.

Choosing Flavor for E-Hookah

Electronic hookahs are one of the best products that are available in different flavors. You can choose one of your favorite flavor that you used to smoke in a shisha. Instead to smoking through shisha, you can now pick chemicals free electronic hookah that gives you best smoking experience,

Are there any known health effects?

E hookahs are probably the latest solutions of traditional shisha smoking. There are no chemicals present in them hence no harmful health effects. If you compare its ingredients with other hookahs, you will come to know that it has no side effects. No chemicals are present in it. You are providing your body a healthy alternative of shisha smoking filled with harmful chemicals.

Do electronic hookahs are addictive?

Electronic Hookah pens are addictive depending on the amount of nicotine present in them. It is the nicotine that makes people addict. You can use either nicotine filled e hookah pens or use hookahs with no percentage or it. Even amount of nicotine strength added in electronic hookah is much less as compared to shisha , they still cause an addiction.

How much it cost?

These are not very costly if you see annual cost of e-hookahs. A simple starter kit with all necessary accessories is worth Euros 20. If can buy separate flavors of your choice as an extra accessory. More accessories and components you buy, more it will add into your cost.

These are much safer and healthy alternatives of hookah pipes. You can search google to find online retail stores from where you can order electronic hookah pens. A better, healthy and stylish alternative is waiting for you.


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