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Everything About Disposable Flum Float Flavors

Disposable flum float vape has a unique style for your comfort. Flum float disposable vape is a compact, sleek, and unique design, lasting over 3000 puffs for each device. The flum float has a smooth taste and great flavors, with a stylish and comfortable design, making it most popular among other flum floats disposable vapes.

What is a Flum Float Vape?

A flum float is a mini-like bottle that fits easily into your palm and pocket. It comes in 8ml with 5% nicotine vape juice with seven delicious flavors. The bottle has a cylindrical design and easy to-draw mechanism for effortless vaping.

It has a large puff capacity count; it is pre-charged, pre-filled, and ready for use.

The flum float is the number one disposable for its unique shape, appearance, and high e-liquid capacity. You will enjoy a satisfying flavor in a disposable design with no adjustment, refill, and zero maintenance requirements.

Available Flum Flavors

You can choose from a variety of flum flavors including;

  • Mixed berries: a blend of mouth-watering berry flavors.
  • Lush ice combines watermelon and cold menthol.
  • Red bang is a unique combination of two energy beverages to create a good vapor experience.
  • Strawberry mango: consists of sweet and juicy strawberries and mango.
  • Cool mint: flavor with a sweet, cool, refreshing taste.
  • Aloe grape: get this unique flavor in the market for an oddly satisfying aloe and grape blend.
  • Strawberry banana: this flum flavor is a blend of strawberry and banana with a hard-to-forget, fun-filled, and mouth-watering blend.
  • Strawberry ice cream: consists of luscious strawberries and an ice cream flavor to excite your taste buds.
  • Pina polo: combines a taste of pineapples and sweet cool peppermint polo for a unique flavor.
  • Breeze: This vapor soothes your taste buds with a gentle breeze.
  • Delo-lychee: satisfies your taste buds with a blend of dragon fruit and lychee flavor.
  • Peach gelato: this vapor blend gives you a sweet peach mouth-watering flavor.
  • Tropical delight: this is the best flum flavor to satisfy your buds, leaving them seeking more.
  • Fruity Hawaii: allows you to enjoy the most satisfying taste with each puff.
  • Gummy drop: you will also love these fruity gummy drop puffs as everyone does.
  • Straw melon: this will brighten your day with a watermelon and strawberry concoction.
  • Nana cobbler: gives you a classy taste of fruit dessert. Its puff is satisfying and pleasing to your airwaves and taste buds.
  • Summer straw kiwi: brings the perfect concoction with strawberries and tropical kiwi blends.
  • Clear: the best flavor for tobacco lovers.
  • Aloe mango melon ice: consists of tropical mangoes, aloe flavor, menthol, and Mellon flavor to refresh your mouth.

Characteristics of Flum Float Disposable Vapes

  • 8 ml vape juice capacity
  • Up to 3000 puffs
  • Available in different exciting flavors
  • Easy to carry
  • Long-lasting
  • It contains 5% nicotine salts

Flum Float Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages include;


  • Lustrous design
  • Variety of flavors
  • Long-lasting vape pods


  • The flavor profile is inconsistent

Where to get Flum Float Flavor

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