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Exploring The Wonder That Is SMOK Vape

Smoking, for those who aspire to relieve stress and anxiety, this habit is a usual go-to whenever they want. However, it has been discovered that this habit is unsafe and unhealthy. For one, the lungs and liver are vital factors for human health and these may fail over time when the habit of smoking is always carried out in excess. But does this mean that one should give up the quest to relieve stress, and anxiety and experience true relaxation? Not exactly. This is because vaping is recommended by medical institutions and associations as being safer in comparison to traditional cigarettes. Thus, the fear of diseases affecting the lungs and liver are allayed. At the same time, the quest for relief and relaxation is not compromised.

The United States is the world’s largest market concerning vapes, valuing about US $ 23.61 billion and expected to grow annually at 3.44% within 2023 – 2027. This has attracted competition among vaping companies all around the globe thus putting consumers in an array of confusion as to what brand to patronize among a wide variety of vaping brands. This is to be expected and very understandable. But amid the confusion, it is fair to say that SMOK stands tall among the brands. Please note that this is not a product review or an advertisement. Rather, it is aimed at helping consumers and intending clients choose among varieties. This blog will also give you useful and insightful information concerning SMOK.

SMOK is Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd’s flagship brand (IVPS for short). Located in China but spreading its roots to the United States, SMOK has gained its reputation as one of the oldest and most progressive companies in vaping. Despite being an Asian company with its roots in China, SMOK has gone ahead to be one of the foremost vaping companies around the globe.

In such a large vaping market as the United States, SMOK has surpassed expectations about innovation, excellence, taste and perfection. It has been referred to in many reviews as “The powerhouse of the vaping industry”. With the vape kits and tanks, they definitely will stand out in the consumer’s choice when it comes to having to make a decision among other choices in the market. 

SMOK is also known as “Smoktech” and is deemed to be one of the oldest and most progressive vaping companies in the world. Established in 2010, the company officially started manufacturing in 2011 where they made the world’s first dual coil cartomizer at a time when cartomizers were widely uncommon. This was a welcome development among vapers and helped to bring a different flavour, variety and a burst of uniqueness to their vaping experience. For clarity, dual coil cartomizers have 2 or 3 holes in them and a shelf in the bottom to prevent the tank from slipping off the base of the cartomizers. So, the next time you see a dual coil cartomizer of any kind, keep in mind that SMOK started to produce that piece of vaping revolution.

Going back to memory lane, in 2012, the company incorporated a new and independent system that allowed it to use different batteries ranging from the 18350s to 18500s to the 18650s. It is particularly interesting to note that the company holds a patent owing to the novelty and uniqueness of this design. The impact of the use of different batteries is that through these, the company was able to introduce to the world the gem that is variable voltage vaping. Variable voltage vaping is a mode on the vaping device that lets you decide the precise voltage running through your device. 

The years 2013 and 2014 saw SMOK release a whole new wave of vape kits and tanks while not losing their authenticity, uniqueness, innovative spirit and excellence. For one, the “cotton less” technology was involved in the Pyrex Aro and Tumbler tanks. This helped to avoid dry hits with the introduction of an atypical bottom coil design in them. They were also released: Rocket, Shuttle and Silenus, which were released when variable wattage became a norm. 2014 saw the release of Bec Pro which had a Bluetooth connectivity feature, a feature that would make an appearance in future SMOK products.

2015, 2016, 2017, and  2018 till date witnessed the arrival of other new products that would be a part of the vaping world. They include the TFV 4 which later came along with an X cube series, TF RTA, H Priv, and  TFV8, which was afollow-upp by TFV4, TFV cloud beast king. Pod vapes were also introduced, including The Infinix, Fit, Rolo Badge and Novo. All these products are part of the SMOK legacy and at least half of them were created originally by the manufacturers.

One striking thing about SMOK is the cheapness and affordability of its products even though some of them might be new to the market. This squashes the myth that vaping is an expensive habit. There is no doubt that you could get any vape kit, tank or pod of your choice for as low as $9.00. The manufacturers have put such good work into the various products and they are available for distribution at lower rates than other vape kits or tanks. SMOK has made it possible for everyone, regardless of pocket size, to indulge in this serene activity of vaping. All done without breaking the bank.

There is also the joy of varieties available when it comes to choosing the vape kit of your choice. Your decision is respected when it comes to the vape kit or thank you would prefer. No two persons are the same because what the first adores could be a pet peeve of the second person. SMOK has allowed consumers to choose what they want and still have the best vaping experience. In the spirit of variety, some of the SMOK vape kits include SMOK Morph 2, SMOK IPX80, and  SMOK vape pen P2. 

By way of conclusion, SMOK has gained a reputation as one of the most innovative vaping companies because of its ability to adapt to the market and find out what the consumers need, while not losing their creativity and originality on the altar of market preferences.


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