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iJoy AI EVO Pod Starter Kit Review

The AI EVO pod starter kit is iJoy’s response to the Smok Nord. The AI EVO has many similarities with the Nord, and their performance is comparable. However, it has a few unique features. If you enjoyed using the Nord, the chances are that you will fall in love with this device too.

So, first things first, the “AI” in the iJoy AI EVO does not stand for artificial intelligence. While this is an exceptional device in many ways, it does not come with artificial intelligence technology. The AI EVO is a beauty to look at with its colorful resin finish. It feels solid and comfortable in hand too. The device is made of zinc alloy, stainless steel, and plastic. It measures 94mm by 30mm by 18mm. This iJoy pod vaporizer has a duck-billed mouthpiece, just like the Nord. Also, there is a single button on the device. It doubles as the power button and the firing button.

To turn on the iJoy EVO, you need to press the button five times quickly. The device comes with a built-in 1100mAh battery. It can fire up to 20W and has an output voltage range of 3.3V to 4.2V. The package includes a micro USB cable for charging the device. Unfortunately, the iJoy AI EVO does not support pass-through like the Nord. However, that’s not a major con because the battery is strong enough to last you a whole day. Also, it doesn’t take up to an hour to recharge it. When you turn on the device, the LED light in the middle of the power/firing button will flash white. The light shows red when the battery is low.

Like the Smok Nord, the iJoy AI EVO has a removable pod. You need to pull off the pod from the battery section. Both components are held in place by a strong magnetic connection. The pod can hold 2.8ml of e-juice. To refill the pod, you need to detach it from the battery and turn it upside down. The refilling port has a spring-loaded design. You simply need to press the tip of your bottle into the port and start refilling. Once you remove the tip, the refilling port closes up.

The iJoy AI EVO comes with two coils – a 0.7 mesh sub ohm coil and a 1.4 ohm coil. The 0.7 ohm coil can be used for freebase nicotine, MAX VG e-liquids. It works best for mouth-to-lung vaping. On the other hand, the 1.4 ohm coil works with nicotine salt e-liquids and can be used for direct lung vaping. You can fix the coil by simply snapping it in place under the pod.

The airflow of this iJoy AI EVO is not too restricted. You cannot adjust the airflow or the wattage. There are two slots on the side of the device for air to travel.

The iJoy AI EVO is a remarkable device. It feels like it was built to last. This is just the kind of device to use when you are on-the-go if you are an experienced vaper. It is also recommended for newbies. You can get the iJoy AI EVO at for only $29.90. The store also sells a pack of five replacement coils for $12.99 while a new pod costs $8.90.