Jazz Cartopipe Review

So here we are writing the Jazz Cartopipe review, well starting from the size it is made to fit XL size cartos. It has wooden construction and lovely finish. There is one little imperfection on the mortise. It has the nice hefty weight with the battery and carto loaded in it, as a whole it has the same weight as a silver. The electronics are cleaned, soldering in the bowl is untidy and connector is not shiny and sparky but rough. Sometime it gets overheat if it is not properly fitted.

Build Quality and Button

The Jazz Cartopipe has the brass mechanical button which I think is perfectly fine. It has the enough resistance, that doesn’t bury into the skin after longer vape-sessions, technically it is fine. It uses 18350 batteries with simple circuit. The 700mah is quite convenient and lots of people are using it. It is wonderfully handy. There is a hidden dual coil gets muffled by the shaft that gives you the ever-so-slightly tighter draw from the air hole. The stem sealing is fantastically effective.

Look and Style

People called it beauty. It has the work on the wood that really shines. The distinctive feature on the photos at the end, they speak louder than reveiw do. As the name suggests the Cartopipe is made for cartomizer use and it is performing remarkably well.


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