Johnson Creek e liquid review

Johnson Creek make a lot of e juice flavors, but this one, Original Smoke Juice Black Cherry is one you ought to try!

Right from the start, Black Cherry really tastes like black cherry. It is not that sweet candy tasting, it tastes like the real thing.
Black Cherry has strong vapor and even stronger flavor. Fruit lovers, it is a must for you!

It comes in 30ml bottles, and the use is simple as it should be.

Along with strong vapor, Black Cherry provides very good throat hit.

Arctic Menthol

Johnson Creek has listened to customer’s suggestions and created an entirely new flavor similar to Arctic Mint but now with more cooling menthol. Menthol and mint – a match made in heaven!

As with Black Cherry, strong vapor and a very good throat hit makes it a good choice od refreshment in unusual way.


Wake up to your favorite! coffee with a nutty and bready scent. A great flavor to vape after eating or early in the morning. You can almost call it two in one, cigarette and coffee, but you can have it whenever and whereever you want it!
Almost makes you want to give up coffee!

Still the same, good vapor, throat hit that is looked for.

Swiss Dark

A Chocolate for the true lover of chocolate You may find yourself using this luxurious vapor instead of ordering dessert due to its sweet taste.

Dark chocolate is something for the people who know what the good stuff is.

And it comes strong in vapor and hits you down the throat.
Fantastic flavors, Strong vapor, Good throat hit
No real cons.


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