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MOTI Starts Healthy Vaping Tour with Vapouround Bus  


The double-decker bus is an important urban symbol and cultural symbol of London, England. Recently,
MOTI joined hands with Vapoouround’s e-cigarette educational bus to start a romantic encounter
between the trendy e-cigarette culture and the long-standing bus culture, adding a touch of color to the
streets of London.

MOTI X Mini,  a hot-selling product of MOTI, follows the bus through the streets and alleys of London.
The main white bus body is matched with the full sense of technology of MOTI X Mini, which contrasts
with other products and is impressive and refreshing.


It is understood that the double-decker bus carrying MOTI’s new product image covers many popular
neighborhoods in London. As China’s top vaping brand can appear on the famous double-decker bus in
London, MOTI undoubtedly shows its strength as a well-known electronic cigarette brand. In overseas
areas,  MOTI  has always been known to the public as a Top Chinese vape brand. This time, MOTI joins
hands with Vapoouround magazine, which focuses on e-cigarette education and influence, it is regarded
as a win-win cooperation. Their efficient interaction with each other is to export the harm reduction
concept to overseas e-cigarette enthusiasts and initiate the cultural exchange.

MOTI chooses Vapoouround double-decker buses, not only because the double-decker bus has always
been a symbol of London, but also relies on  MOTI’s “Strong Product Force”, and the image and self-
positioning of “innovation-led” Penetrate deep into the lives of users in every country and region. Just as
Vapouround’s double-decker bus promotes the effective smoking cessation of electronic cigarettes,
MOTI also hopes that its products can become a part of vapers’ lives.
MOTI has also brought this concept to its products. Another product that appears in the bus body is
the  MOTI ROLLER 650 . The compact body can also bring more puff amounts, it says in a way that
MOTI pays more attention to environmental protection and brings more surprises to users in small


MOTI’s trip to London wasn’t just about double-decker buses. In this overseas event, MOTI will widely
arouse people’s thinking about the harm reduction of electronic cigarettes through multiple channels. Simultaneously, the topic  #MOTI&Vapouround was launched on social platforms such
as  IG  and  FACEBOOK  to interact with different users.

The development of the industry is inseparable from the attention to a healthy life, and it is inseparable
from the long-term love and persistence of practitioners. As the only brand in the industry with more than
10 years of industry experience, MOTI has always adhered to “long-termism” in product development.
Through this overseas publicity campaign jointly with the well-known local e-cigarette magazine
Vapoouround in the UK, MOTI has brought the concept of mobility and environmental protection to
brand promotion.


Who is MOTI?

MOTI vape, founded in 2018, is an innovative technology company headquartered in Shenzhen, China.
MOTI’s mission is to produce innovation and create a reliable user experience for the vape industry.
MOTI vape always listens to different voices, aiming to contribute a positive impact on our society and
bring a healthier vape experience to the public. They are committed to creating reliable and cutting-edge
vaping hardware, including but not limited to, disposable vapes, vape pod systems, and personal
advanced vaporization devices. Serving customers from more than 60+ countries globally with the
highest standard, MOTI vape connects millions of people with its strong product ability as always, Let’s
look forward to building a better vape society with MOTI.

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