Nic Salt Shot 18mg By SALT Review

Nic Salt Shot 18mg is a product of SALT and it is manufactured to give you the same type of naturally occurring nicotine found in the tobacco leaves. This is a pure nicotine salt blend and is designed to be mixed with any vape juice of your choice.

Every other manufacturer claims to have the best nicotine salt vape juice is derived from the reactions of acid and with a base. But, sometimes the nicotine level fails to meet the mark. This is why nic salt shots like this nicotine shot from SALT exists – so you can mix it with your favorite e-liquid shortfills to increase the nicotine level. This product is unflavored so it will not alter the taste and general flavor of any e-juice that you mix it with.

This product is a combination of benzoic acid and a nicotine salt base. It will provide a smooth throat hit. The nicotine concentration level is 18mg, and it comes in a 10ml bottle.

The Nic Salt Shot by SALT is produced by Juice Sauz, and they are fully TPD compliant and registered.

You can mix this Nic Salt Shot with a 20ml/30ml bottle of e-juice to get a total nicotine volume of 6mg. If you mix it with a 50ml/60ml3mg of nicotine. bottle of e-juice, then you get

Shake the bottle vigorously for at least 2 minutes after adding the nic salt shot to the e-liquid to ensure that the nicotine is distributed evenly in the bottle.

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