Time to review an e cigar after reviewing all those e cigarettes.

If you like that cigar looks, and if you want something with a good battery life (size matters) and lasting cartridges, e cigar is the right choice for you.

It looks like a real cigar, but not that squishy one the ends.

Once you get your battery charged, and your cartridge in place, you can prime your e cigar with few long puffs.

When primed, Ruyan e cigar gives a very good vapor production. That vapor is accompanied with nice throat hit that sticks with you.

Flavor coming out of the vapor is almost impressive. Very tasty and nice.

Cartridges last for more than 250 puffs, and that is a plenty of vapor for your pleasure.

Battery last for about 300 puffs.

It seems that e cigar could be a good choice for heavier smokers who want to give up on traditional tobacco smoking.
They are not Cubans, but they are good J


Nice looks, Good vapor production, Throat hit, Flavors taste good.


No real cons.



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