Safe Cig Aurora E-Cigarette Review

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Safe Cig Aurora: Background

Last year, many e-cigarette manufacturers made it clear that they believe 2013 will be the year of the single-use e-cigarette. Whether its true or simply a matter of trying to increase profit margins, these companies think that the majority of smokers who arent using e-cigarettes yet have delayed the switch because they dont want to fiddle with gadgets. They want something they can take out of a pack, use and throw away like a real cigarette. To that end, the e-cigarette manufacturers in China spent 2012 hard at work on the next generation of disposable e-cigarettes. You might have first heard about this product when reading about the NJOY King, a product that received considerable attention from the Internet hype machine but ended up being delayed for months.

Like all Chinese-manufactured e-cigarettes, something sold by one company can quickly be picked up by another company as well except that in this case, the competitor was there first. While NJOY was still working on getting the King to market, Safe Cig released its new line of Aurora disposables in partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

The Seminole Unconquered e-cigarette

I purchased a pack of Seminole Unconquered e-cigarettes as soon as they were released, but that was right before I took a bit of time off from writing to enjoy some time with my family during the holidays. In that time, it appears that Safe Cig has already rearranged their product line. The Aurora e-cigarette is now the Vamp Aurora, a three-pack of disposable e-cigarettes with an extremely odd vampire theme that clashes with the rest of Safe Cigs branding and seems a few years out of date. The product, however, is the same.

Safe Cig Aurora: Review

In case you havent seen the press releases, the next generation of disposable e-cigarettes features a new design thats far lighter than previous disposables and has a slightly squishy feel thats supposed to resemble a real cigarette more closely than ever before. When I originally read about this feature, I thought it meant that these new disposable e-cigarettes would have a sort of soft foam on the end that meets the lips. I was incorrect; its actually a thin, slightly flexible plastic that wraps around the entire e-cigarette. Although you can squeeze it, it doesnt have the same give as a real cigarette filter. If it did, it would leak or break. The Safe Cig Aurora is also significantly lighter than any other e-cigarette disposable or otherwise that Ive ever used. You could certainly hold it in your mouth if you wanted to, although its still a bit heavier than a real cigarette.

Disassembling the Safe Cig Aurora reveals a small e-liquid cartridge and 130 mAh battery.

Puffing on the tiny disposable Safe Cig Aurora, I found that it produced a surprising amount of vapor for a little thing. Im used to vaping at home with a ProVari Mini dialed up to six volts, and Ive found the Aurora more than satisfying to use when Im out of the house. The Colombian flavor that I purchased is a pleasant mix of tobacco and coffee flavors. Overall, its a nice but rather artificial tasting flavor. Unless you really like coffee flavors, Id suggest purchasing the Safe Cig Aurora in Classic or Traditional instead. Ive tried Safe Cigs Menthol flavor as well and Im not a huge fan.

The flavors used in the Aurora e-cigarettes are the same as those available for the standard Safe Cig and Safe Cig Micro e-cigarettes. So, if you like a particular flavor and want to switch from a disposable e-cigarette to one with a rechargeable battery, youll be able to buy your refill cartridges in the same flavor.

Safe Cig Aurora: The Bottom Line

At the time of writing, the Safe Cig Aurora costs $19.99 for a pack of three. Ive been using them on and off for months and have yet to exhaust their e-liquid or battery life, so it seems realistic that you should be able to get the equivalent of about a pack of cigarettes from each one. The internal battery is rated at 130 mAh, which should give you around 70-90 puffs per e-cigarette. Whether youll be saving money compared to buying packs of real cigarettes depends on the cigarette prices in your area. In my state, the savings would be significant but still less than the savings I currently enjoy buying e-liquid by the bottle and filling my own cartomizers.

E-cigarette companies are banking on the idea that theyll be able to convert more smokers than ever to e-smokers by putting disposable e-cigarettes behind the counter at every convenience store, gas station and supermarket customer service counter. Ive always seen disposables as too expensive compared to real e-cigarettes and not a good solution for long-term use if saving money is a concern. Whether most smokers will see things my way really isnt a concern; theres plenty of room in the market for both types of e-cigarettes, and as a disposable e-cigarette the Safe Cig Aurora is better than most. Its a good introduction to e-cigarettes and its lightness makes it easy to carry in your pocket when youre out and about.


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