Screwdriver MKII

When we talk about most efficient e cigarettes (aka personal vaporizers) Screwdriver MKII might easily take away the title. And it is not screwdriver just by the name, it really like a screwdriver.
Many vapers are very thrilled about the Screwdriver, saying that it is absolutely the best in every way.

The Screwdriver is made to meet very high quality standards. It is also of durable construction. It has a chrome or black matte finish and is really very neatly looking!
There is an activation switch at one end that is protected by a cap, so it won`t go off accidentally in your pocket or bag. The Screwdriver is of such high quality construction that if the activation switch wears out after a long term use, you don’t have to replace the whole unit. You can simply replace the switch!

It is not just looks, the Screwdriver MKII also delivers near to fantastic performance. It has a  big battery that gives you 900 mAh of power. Most personal vaporizers have batteries that only deliver between 130 – 280 mAh. With the Screwdriver, you can vape happily for twelve continuous hours if you are so dedicated to vaping!

The battery is not exclusive to the Screwdriver manufacturer (as is the case with many e cigarette parts and accessories).

Screwdriver MKII also packs a really good atomizer. It allows the use of the DSE901 atomizer. This type is well-known to be absolutely top flight notch among e cigarette atomizers. It produces a great volume of high-quality, thick vapor to increase your vaping experience.

With the activation switch, this atomizer performs even better than on the DSE901 e cigarette, for which it was originally designed. The reason is that, in combination with the activation switch, the atomizer can pre-heat the e-liquid before you draw on it. This practice creates the most and the best vapor in the most consistent way.

All mentioned helps provide quality throat kick, so praised among most of the vapers.


Just about everyting is very good.


No cons.



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