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Spring Strawberry Crumble E-liquid by Flavor Fog Review

A lovely strawberry crumble for dessert after a nice meal gives a burst of flavor in the mouth that will have you recollect the meal for some time. You obtain the same sensation after vaping Flavor Fog’s strawberry crumble e-juice.

Flavor Fog is a company that makes some of the best e-liquids in the United States. The company recently launched on the market, a vape juice for each season of the year. For the spring season, the e-liquid which bears the name of the season, Spring, offer vapers the delicious flavor of a strawberry crumble.

Spring is a season when everything is blooming. There is the pleasant aroma of blooming tulips and it’s a sweet season; the garden becomes full of colors, the bees start buzzing, and the butterfly flying. Flavor Fog Spring strawberry crumble offer the sensation and taste of spring.

A Fantastic Flavor

Flavor Fog’s, Spring, is one of the best e-juice of 2017. Enjoying a strawberry crumble flavored e-liquid on a lovely spring day gives a burst of flavor to your taste buds that will have you appreciate more the lovely surroundings.

The sweet strawberries and the buttery shortbread are not just delicious, but have an aroma reminiscent of the spring season. It’s a delight in the mouth as you vape. 

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Spring is 70/30. It’s perfect for vapers seeking to blow huge clouds. Spring offers abundant cloud production. The clouds are thick and take a while before dissipating into the air. The e-juice at this ratio has a medium thickness level. You can use a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer to vape.

Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strength of Flavor Fog’s Spring is very mild. Vapers can choose three different nicotine levels; 0 mg, 3 mg, or 6 mg. Vapers that are seeking the delight of vaping without any nicotine choose 0 mg. Those who like to experience a mild throat hit often select either 3 mg or 6 mg. These two levels are low levels of nicotine strength. You will love the soft refreshing sensation in the throat as you vape.


Spring strawberry crumbles’ box is rectangular but has a sleek appearance. The design of the box is minimalist. The logo and brand name, as well as a notification concerning products that contain nicotine, is the only information both on the box and the bottle.

The 60 ml CRC Chubby Gorilla plastic bottle has a childproof safety cap. The design of the label is the same on the box. It’s very minimalist but sleek with subtle patterns. The bottle has the shape of a pen which allows easy dripping into any tank or atomizer.


The products of Flavor Fog have very competitive prices. They’re affordable to all budgets, a real value for money. The company makes some of the best e-juices on the market. For only $20.00, you can enjoy the delicious flavor of strawberry crumble e-juice.

More information about Flavor Fog products and fantastic opportunities is available at websites such as Penny Vaper.


Flavor Fog is well-known in the United States and worldwide for its seasonal vape juices. The company has recently launched four different flavors, one for each season of the year. Besides Spring, strawberry crumble flavored e-liquid, the lemon cake flavored e-juice delights vapers during the Winter. Skittles candy gives a burst of flavor in the Summer, and the sweet taste and aroma of Cavendish tobacco make Autumn livelier.

Flavor Fog manufactures premium-quality e-juice using the purest of ingredients domestically sourced in the United States. The company e-liquids are brewed to satisfy the changing tastes of clients, and have each individual in mind. A team works diligently to create the best flavors possible.

The fantastic sweet and buttery flavors of strawberry crumble make the perfect delight for vapers in the spring season. Flavor Fog’s Spring captivates the atmosphere of the season. The aroma that fills your nostrils as you vape and the freshness in the mouth and throat are soothing. It’s perfect for enjoying on a beautiful spring day in the garden or any moment of your convenience. If you like eating strawberry crumble, you will delight with this vaping sensation.



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