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STLTH Really Berry Replacement Pod By Naked 100 Review

If you have the STLTH pod system, there are many replacement STLTH pods to choose from with different flavors. One of my favorites is the Really Berry replacement pod by Naked 100. This pod was created through a collaboration between Naked 100 and STLTH. It contains 2ml of e-juice and is not refillable. This pod is only compatible with the STLTH device. If you love Really Berry, now you can enjoy the taste of this e-juice with your closed pod device.

Naked 100 is one of the leading e-liquid in the industry. The company makes premium vape juice blends, and Really Berry is no different. This e-liquid contains a high concentration of nicotine salt.

Really Berry is a fantastic vape juice with the flavor of fresh, plump blueberries, blackberries, and sugar infused with lemon flavor. This is a captivating e-liquid. You will want to savor every puff.

The sweetness of Really Berry is intense, but not overwhelming. The different flavors come together harmoniously. The taste of this e-juice is very consistent. You can vape it all day long without getting vaper’s tongue.

The STLTH Really Berry Naked replacement pod comes with a ceramic coil. The e-juice has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 50/50. This balanced VG/PG ratio gives you the best of both worlds; rich flavor and sizable amount of vapor. You can get this pod with either 35mg or 50mg of nicotine salt. Regardless of the nicotine level that you select, you will get a smooth throat hit from this device.

You can get a pack of three STLTH Really Berry Naked 100 replacement pods for $12.22 at Apart from Really Berry, there are many other STLTH replacement pods at this online store including Mango, Frost, Blue Raspberry, Hope Mint, Tundra Berries, Hope Berries, Tobacco, Creme, Berry Blast, Grapefruit Watermelon, Honeydew Menthol, Crisp Apple, and more. You will get the best prices for e-liquids, vaping devices, and accessories when you buy from Hazetown Vapes.

The STLTH pods are easy to use. Simply slot the pod into the battery and you’re ready to start vaping. There are magnets under the pod so it can be easily attached to the battery.

The STLTH pod device comes with a 420mAh battery. The device was designed to mimic the sensation of smoking cigarettes. The device is a discreet and comfortable way to vape. No need for messy refills or changing coils. Just grab the pod and you’re good to go.

If you are trying to switch from smoking to vaping, the STLTH is the perfect device for you. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vaper, this device is recommended for you. The STLTH will fit nicely in your hand.


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