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SXMINI G Class and SL Class by YiHi Review

The vape community is growing every day. The latest vape mods on the market today are designed with lots of features.

Dongguan Yihi Electronic Co. is one of the world’s leading chip manufacturer and is devoted to creating innovative products for the vaping world. The SXMINI G Class mod and the SXMINI SL Class mod are some of the most anticipated Yihi box mods.

Yihi SXMINI G Class and SL Class feature an interesting design choice – a physical joystick rather than a standard directional button. While the stick itself is solid and responsive, it only has four recognized directions, offering little improvement over a more traditional, flush-mounted setup.

Yihi SXMINI G Class features a well machined stainless steel 510 connection, wide enough to handle 31mm atomizers without any overhang. The threading is perfect so you can easily fit any atomizer you choose without any issues.

The G Class mod features a bigger screen and you can adjust the screen brightness. The screen on the mod is clear and gives you a vivid overview of the wattage, temperature, voltage, coil resistance, coil material, battery life, preset mode and more. The rubbery feel and the carbon fiber finish does not only add to the premium look of this mod but also makes it feel really comfortable in hand as well.

On the other hand, the Yihi SXMINI SL Class 100W box mod has a smaller screen. It uses a single 18650/20700/21700 battery platform with a premium frame chassis. The design of this device is very ergonomic. You can use it all day long without any issues. The device comes with the Yihi SX485J chipset which has a wattage output range of 5 to 100W. It also comes with other features such as full temperature control. The device even features the SXi-Q Intelligent Taste Curve Technology which allows you to set, fine tune, and save 5-memory output curves.

These vape mods are perfect for seasoned vapers and not newbies. The SXMINI G Class is going for only $223.99 CAD ($167.99 USD)  and $186.99 CAD ($146.99 USD) for the SXMINI SL Class at Premium E-juice Samples.

The SXMINI G Class and SL Class mods can be pushed to the limit thanks to the powerful the Yihi chipset. These devices are truly worth the price.