CBD Review

TAAT Original Pack Review

Tobacco-free cigarettes are becoming popular today as more smokers realize the ill effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Tobacco cigarettes contain tobacco, paper wrapping, chemical additives, and a filter. It is the main cause of all major tobacco-related diseases and death around the world. Smokers are exposed to over 7000 chemicals from each puff. Knowing this, most smokers are looking for tobacco-free alternatives. There are several tobacco-free cigarettes available today, and TAAT is one of them.

TAAT makes you feel like you’re smoking original tobacco cigarettes. The taste of TAAT Original is similar to popular cigarette brands like Winston, American Spirit Blue, and Marlboro Red. This tobacco-free cigarette is made of organic hemp and water. It also contains 2% FDA approved food-grade ingredients. These ingredients deliver replicate the experience similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes. TAAT is made using FSC branded paper that delivers the same taste you experience while smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. TAAT Original consists of 20 cigarettes per pack and comes in a conventional flip-top package like cigarettes.  Each TAAT cigarette contains 25% CBD and the THC content in these cigarettes is within the allowed limit of 0.3 percent. These cigarettes will not make you high. Instead, you will feel calm and relaxed.

TAAT is completely free from tobacco and nicotine. It offers the same experience that you get from smoking tobacco cigarettes as well as the benefits of CBD. CBD is has wide range of health benefits including relief from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. TAAT is ideal for those looking to quit smoking traditional tobacco products.

You can get a FREE pack of TAAT with each order you place online. To get a free pack, all you have to do is login to https://www.trytaat.com and choose your preferred flavor. You will see the field to enter the promo code during the check-out process. You can enter the promo code FREEPACK to receive an additional pack free for cost. A pack of TAAT costs only $6.99. The price is much cheaper than buying a pack of branded tobacco cigarettes.

TAAT offers fast delivery services for its customers. The orders will reach you within 5 days. Delivery charges are calculated based on the shipping address. If you order 2 or more cartons at a time, you will get free delivery. You can also choose the expedited shipping option while checking out at an additional cost. Since CBD is not legal in all 50 states in the US, TAAT only delivers to the states where CBD is legal.