TAAT Zero-Tobacco and Zero-Nicotine Cigarettes Review

For decades, health officials have cautioned the public about the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes. In recent years, people have started listening to this message. This drive for healthier smoking options coincides with a general wave of health consciousness. New alternative smoking brands are emerging with healthier smoking options. There are many tobacco-free smoking options on the market today. TAAT, a Canadian brand, is worth mentioning. This company offers high-quality alternative cigarettes made using organically grown hemp, and water. TAAT cigarettes don’t contain any chemical additives including Vitamin E acetate and MCT oil.

One reason TAAT stands out is that its alternative cigarettes are nicotine-free but taste, smell and burn like tobacco-based cigarettes. This company includes a patented plant-based ingredient in production. Beyond Tobacco, is a proprietary blend that gives TAAT products the smell and feel of traditional nicotine-based cigarettes. Beyond Tobacco is organic and of food-grade quality. This company did this to appeal to smokers looking to quit. TAAT cigarettes will also appeal to smoking enthusiasts who enjoy hemp and want to experience the benefits of CBD. Another important fact to note about TAAT cigarettes is that they contain less than 0.2 percent THC and smoking them will not get you high or lead to failing a drug test. TAAT tobacco-free sticks contain about 20 percent CBD.

TAAT currently has three unique tobacco-free cigarette flavors on the market. Examples of these flavors are Menthol. Smooth, and Original. Each of these flavors are designed to remind the smoker of other popular tobacco-based cigarette flavors.
Menthol: The menthol flavor is popular and well-known among smoking enthusiasts. This TAAT flavor offers a refreshingly cool mint flavor. This TAAT flavor is designed to taste very similar to cigarettes like Kool, Marlboro Menthol, and Newport.

Smooth: This TAAT flavor is designed to appeal to smokers who enjoy light flavors. TAAT’s Smooth has a relaxing feel and a smoothness that will appeal to smokers who enjoy popular flavors like American Spirit Yellow, Pall Mall Blue, and Marlboro Gold.

Original: This flavor has a pleasant taste and a bold flavor that will leave an impression on your senses. Original tastes similar to flavors like American Spirit Blue, Marlboro Red, and Winston.
Another interesting fact about TAAT is its packing design. This US company has chosen to package all its tobacco-free cigarette flavors like traditional tobacco-based cigarette brands. Each TAAT cigarette pack contains 20 sticks. And you get 10 packs per carton.

TAAT’s are cheaper than tobacco-based cigarettes. And You can buy a pack of TAATs directly from for $6.99. Since hemp products are not legal in all 50 states, TAAT does not ship everywhere in the US. To buy from the TAAT online store, you have to be sure your state allows for the sale of hemp-based products. TAAT products are only currently available for customers within the continental US. This company offers excellent shipping services. TAAT is also offering free shipping on all orders worth $40 and more.

TAAT is currently running a FREE pack promotion. You only need to follow four steps to enjoy this free TAAT pack. The first step involves choosing the TAAT flavor pack you prefer, then proceeding to check-out, and enter the promo code: FREEPACK to enjoy your free pack of cigarettes.