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The Best Ultra Portable Vaping Devices on the Market

Portable vaporizers have an appeal. They’re perfect when you want to vape while you’re out and about in town. You can easily slip it in your pocket or throw it in your bag. Today, portable vaporizers come with a lot of advanced features which allows you to enjoy your vaping experience. There are scores of portable vaping devices on the market. In this post, we’ll look at three of them.

1. Smok Priv One AIO Starter Kit

The Smok Priv One is an all-in-one device with a lot of features. It is so small that it can easily be concealed in your hand. However, this puny sized device is quite powerful. It looks very similar to the Mi-One Starter Kit. The Smok Priv One feels high-quality. It has a built-in tank which can hold 2ml of e-juice. There is a removable 510 Delrin drip tip on top of the tank. The tank has the traditional Smok side-filling design. The Smok Priv has a built-in battery with a capacity of 920mAh. Depending on how frequent you take a puff, the device could last you for a whole day. There is only one button on the device – the firing button. It is leak-proof and comes with numerous safety features like other Smok devices. The Priv One AIO has an eye-grabbing, colorful finish. You can get this device at the Smokly online store for only $27.90.

2. KandyPens Rubi Ultra Portable System

The KandyPens Rubi Ultra Portable System is the perfect device for everyone who loves to alternate between vaping oils and nicotine salt e-liquids. It is very small and will easily fit in your pocket. The device measures 100mm by 17mm by 8.5mm. The structure of the Rubi is similar to the Juul, but it is smaller. The device comes with a pod cartridge with a 1ml capacity. The pod is refillable so you can vape any e-juice of your choice. To refill the pod, you simply need to pull it off and remove the rubber stopper to access the filling port. The KandyPens Rubi Ultra Portable System comes with a 1.6 ohm ceramic coil with Japanese cotton wicking. The battery of the Rubi has a capacity of 280mAh. The battery life is not so good, but the device charges up quickly, so that makes up for it. The KandyPens Rubi Ultra Portable System is leak-proof and does not give you spit back. The device is draw activated, so it is easy to use. You can get the Rubi at the Smokly vape shop for just $47.90.

3. iJoy Elite Mini AIO 60W Starter Kit

The iJoy Elite Mini AIO Starter Kit is the ultimate portable vaping device. Whether you want to vape with a pod, a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), this is the device for you. The mod measures 74.7mm by 45mm. It comes with a built-in 2200mAh Li-Po battery with a capacity of 60W. The device is compatible with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel coils in temperature control mode. It has a resistance range of 0.05 ohm to 3 ohm. As indicated above, the iJoy Elite Mini mod works with both a sub ohm tank, an RDA, and a pod. It actually comes with all three, so you can alternate between them depending on the kind of e-liquid you are vaping and the sort of vaping experience you crave. On top of the device is a threaded 510 connection for attaching your pod, tank or RDA. The package includes an adapter so you can fit your pod on the mod. You can get the iJoy Elite Mini AIO with the pod, sub ohm tank, and RDA at the Smokly vape shop for only $75.

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