The Pulsar APX Vaporizer and the White Rhino Torrid Electronic Nail Review

The Pulsar APX Vaporizer

If you are looking for a versatile device that you can use to vape different materials, the Pulsar APX Vaporizer is a great option. The APX is the second vaporizer from Pulsar. This no. 2 vaporizer is suitable for vaping dry herb, wax, and oil. It is also very portable, which means you can use it when you are on-the-go.

Pulsar indicates that the APX is a convection vaporizer. However, I find that it functions more like a conduction oven. There is a cup in the device for vaping wax and oil. Although you can use it to vape wax or oil, the APX does not live up to the standard of a dedicated wax and oil unit.

The Pulsar APX Vaporizer is very affordable. Usually, vaporizers like this cost around $200-$400, but you can pick up the Pulsar APX Vaporizer for only $67 from Vape Outlet. You’ll get 20% off and free shipping if you download the Vape Outet app.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Pulsar APX Vaporizer.
  • The instruction manual
  • Accessories in a bag – cleaning brush, loading tool
  • Micro USB charger.
  • 1 x replacement mouthpiece

Specification and Performance

The Pulsar APX has a battery display. Five push of the single button on the device is what it takes to turn it on. There is an LED light on the device which indicates the remaining battery power. This device supports five temperature settings (428 F, 410F, 392F, 374F, and 356F). To load your herb, wax or oil, you’ll have to pull off the mouthpiece off and fill the herb ceramic heating chamber. The mouthpiece is made of thin plastic. Once you turn the device on, it takes about 30 seconds for it to heat up.

  • Five pre-set temps setting
  • 30 seconds heating
  • OLED indicator
  • Ceramic heating chamber

When vaping with this device, you will get a spot-on flavor since it has a ceramic chamber. The APX Vaporizer is compact and ultra-lightweight. You can easily place it in your pocket, and it will not create a bulge.

The White Rhino Thorid Electronic Nail

No, it’s not what you think. The White Rhino Thorid Electronic Nail is a fantastic device that will make you fall in love with vaping. It is designed to go into a water piece.  It has an adaptor as well as the standard 510 threading. Inside it, you will find the coils.

The White Rhino Thorid Electronic Nail is a lot more expensive than the Pulsar APX Vaporizer. As indicated above, the Pulsar offers a better experience with herbs even if you can use with wax and oil. However, the White Rhino Thorid E-Nail is made for vaping wax and oil. You can get this device for only $141.89 at the E-Juice Pack online store. This is a discount of $23.10 on its actual price – $164.99.

If you want the ultimate device for vaping for wax and oil, the White Rhino Thorid is a great option. But if you prefer vaping herbs and occasionally wax and oil, the Pulsar APX is a better option.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x White Rhino Thorid E-Nail
  • Instruction Card
  • Mini USB cord
  • Dabbing Tool

Specification and performance

The White Rhino Thorid has a sleek design. One cool feature of the White Rhino is that after you’ve used it to vape wax, you can reclaim part of the wax that deposits on the silicon base. You need to press the button five times in quick succession to turn the device on or off.

The White Rhino Thorid Electronic Nail offers you a different way of vaping. Instead of inhaling directly from the device, you can vape using the water piece. There is a lot less vapor, but you still get a fantastic flavor.

The Difference Between the Pulsar APX and the White Rhino

There are some fundamental differences between these two devices. One clear point of difference is their size. The Pulsar APX is smaller and more portable, while the White Rhino looks like a small hookah. The White Rhino is for dabbing while the Pulsar APX is fundamentally for vaping herbs.


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