Top Electronic Cigarette Brand’s products in USA 2015

It is very difficult to consider, what electronic cigarette is best for you especially when the market is overwhelming with the numerous brands and also updating with new products on weekly basis. Are you giving the e-liquid much attention or favor the extensive vapor production vaporizers or you are much fond of the throat hit. Many brands are doing great in providing the all qualities in one electronic cigarette and some of them get perfect score on the board.

VaporFi (Best E-Liquid Selection)

Compare to others,VaporFi VaporFi is new company in the industry. But for price reasonability and the great taste, its E-Liquid are getting much attention from the consumers. Right now company is producing 3000 flavors and they also followed strict guidelines for production. Some of the best VaporFi flavors available in the market are Blended Mojito, Mango Cheesecake, Fancy Latte, Fruity Hookah, and Cuba Libre. VaporFi over all products are moving to No 1 in USA due to some of its qualities like they are offering Custom Mixes (36,000 combos), Nicotine Strength from 0mg-36mg, Reasonable Price, Good Vapor Volume and Fast Shipping. If you’re serious about vaping, VaporFi is a great place to start.

Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus (Best Battery Life)

Unlike the other starter kits that come with two batteries, the Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus comes with one battery. The 1,300 mAh XL battery at least last for two days of heavy vaping. The slightest draw of the switch activates the vapor. It is worth mentioning that Vapor Zeus batteries are regulated at 5 volts, considerably higher than the industry standard of 3.7 volts. Here two remember that Vapor Zeus is coming into the market with two battery options one is automatic and other is dual-mode battery. It comes in 3 sizes with 2 sizes of cartomizers. It is not a variable voltage device, but has mighty 5V and can also work as a USB pass through. Its logo glow green upon vaping on which so ever mode you select to vape.

Blu Cigs (Best E-Cig for Beginners)

In the market the blu Cigs are the ones having fairly authentic tobacco taste. It has a perfect decent throat hit that many smokers like it that’s why it is considered to be the best Electronic cigarette for the beginners.  The Kit has a variety chargers, extra pockets to hold nicotine or non-nicotine flavor cartridges and one battery. Overall the blu cigs are much cleaner and tastier than the “analog” cigarette. It is very easy to use. Cost efficiency is also adding an edge to the blu cigs in the market. One flavor cartridge is enough to make 250-400 puffs which are equivalent to about 1.5 packs of cigarettes. The innovative design of the Blu electronic cigarette pack and device is another aspect to like about this brand.

White Cloud Cigarettes (Highest Nicotine Strength)

White Cloud Cigarettes are listed as the highest nicotine strength provider in the market. They have a 6 ideal nicotine strength ideas that you can choose any of them. It achieves the highest satisfactory points in the industry. Engineered at the best reasonable price and exciting flavors, the White Cloud Cigarettes also promised the nicotine hit of the different levels. The level of Double extra has 5.4% nicotine, Extra strength has 3.6% nicotine, full strength at 2.4%, light strength at 1.6%, ultra light strength has 0.8% nicotine and above all you can also vape without nicotine, there is also 0% nicotine for you by White Cloud.


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