Totally Wicked Patriot Range Review

Totally Wicked recently launched Patriot Range E liquid and stop the terrible waiting. The e juice range is very well suited for the electronic smoking devices. You get the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful array of exotic flavors. The Totally Wicked e liquid product provides nicotine liquid in varied strengths ranging from 0 mg to about 36 mg. Excellence of the e juices from Totally Wicked is outstanding thus far, yet the Patriot Range is very special.

I feel that is so because this has an individually dedicated vaporizer along with an e-smoking supply device which centers at persistently giving good quality components always.

Another factor that goes in favor of the Totally Wicked Patriot Range e liquid is that you know exactly what goes into the nicotine liquid mixture, which is not the case with any other brands of electronic liquid or juices for smoking.

Totally Wicked has made it completely transparent. They present all the basic components in all of their products. All the components are quality tested and are their source is the USA. They come with a certification of USP pharmaceutical grade nicotine and propylene glycol which is a regular organic compound which is present in all sorts of usual use commodities such as toothpastes etc.

Apart from these ingredients all other flavors etc. are also US sourced hence the quality and the authenticity of the.
The USA produced Patriot Range e liquid streak of products have elevated the expectations of the users to great levels as this range of e-liquid is outstanding in flavor and in high quality.

Products range from “Tobacco Americano” to “M/Borough” and are all exceptionally striking mixes. Those of you who are looking for the tremendous nudge should try Totally Wicked Top Dog Pillbox’s “Mad Dog Fluid”. I can guarantee complete satisfaction. There are some extremely fun and exotic combination such as chocolate with coconut, orange with cinnamon or the double apple shisha. Do not forget to try lemon anise. There is a flavor not found anywhere else that is going to capture you for sure. These products are well packed and are designed in such a way that they come with a childproof cap. You can rest assured about the security and safety as these are available with droppers making them extremely convenient.

You can easily explore more and order the fabulously packaged separate bottles in variety of flavors or go for the 5 bottle multipack.


Good vapor production, Good throat hit, All ingredients known.


No real cons.


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