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Vape My Day Nicotine Salt By Innevape Labs Review

Behold the mighty Vape My Day Nicotine Salts by Innevape Labs. This gem of a nicotine salt is just packed with gooey, salted butterscotch flavors that taste sweet without gunking up the coils of your favorite pod device. If you’re like us that like some sweet tasting dessert based nicotine salts and don’t want to pack on the unnecessary calories – the Vape My Day is a great choice for you.

When first filling out tanks with this nicotine salt, we savor the sweet caramel butterscotch aromas that escape from the bottle, lifting our anticipation for inhaling it. The first puff tastes of pure dessert joy. You will get loads of caramel and butterscotch flavour notes that drizzle and twist to every corner of your mouth. As your taste buds are tricked into thinking it’s the real thing, you get hit with a nice amount of crunchy nuttiness coming from hazelnuts. The hazelnut taste that enters the framework is, without a doubt, the key factor in making you come back for more because it lifts this humble nicotine salt from something ordinary to something great. Vape My Day is a clear, impactful and decadent dessert nicotine salt that will entice your taste buds especially after a heavy meal. Promising not to gunk your coils up to quick, we love vaping this even after 6 refills with no apparent degradation on our caliburn koko 1.2 koko cartridge.

Vape My Day Nicotine Salts by Innevape Labs is made with a generously high PG mix of 40% propylene glycol and 60% vegetable glycerin base, ensuring a careful balance of taste versus cloud production. Vape My Day Nicotine Salts by Innevape Labs can be purchased from Punk Juice Vape Store. Punk Juice Vape Store is located in Malaysia and provides a 7 day delivery express service to the USA via DHL Express. Vape My Day Nicotine Salts by Innevape Labs costs USD13.50 for a 30ml bottle and available in 24mg or 48mg variants. Use code CASH10 for a USD10 discount on your first purchase (USD50 minimum spending applies).


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