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VOOPOO Uforce U2 Coils 5-pack Review

What are Vape Coils?

Vape Coils are a replaceable component of most e-cigarettes and vape tanks and are integral to your vaping experience. Vape coils, in a nutshell, are the heating component that enables the e-liquid mixture to be heated and transformed into the vapor you subsequently inhale. Coils must be changed frequently because they wear out over time and change the flavor of the juice you are vaping. To ensure you get the ideal vape for your setup, it is crucial to choose the appropriate type of vape coil for the kit or tank you are using.

About VooPoo UForce U2 Coils

It is safe to say that VOOPOO has quickly amassed history after establishing itself as a reputable manufacturer a few years ago and officially entering the vapor product industry by purchasing a brand shortly after. It has grown quickly into one of the top brands in the sector, producing some of the most iconic products for vapers worldwide. The UForce Tank, which also brought the VOOPOO UForce U2 Replacement Coils with it, is the most recent addition to the progression.

A variety of VOOPOO branded products that use the UForce Tank are compatible with the UForce U2 Replacement Coils, which come in a 5-pack. These coils are truly remarkable and are certain to provide the quality and performance you have come to expect from VOOPOO products. The coil head’s exterior has a print indicating the resistance and suggested wattage range, and it is made of stainless steel for increased durability.

There are numerous wicking ports located throughout the coil head to deliver incredible consistency for a longer vaping session. When using organic cotton wicking, the flavor is enhanced and delivers a clear, pure experience from any flavor type. A gold-plated connection at the bottom of the coil head ensures a strong connection between the coil head and the tank base. With a 0.4-ohm resistance, the Uforce U2 coil can support a resistance range of 40W–80W. It has a vertical coil design that strongly emphasizes flavor performance while maintaining dense vapor production for a pleasurable vaping experience.

Although the VOOPOO UForce is a remarkable sub-ohm tank that goes well with the VOOPOO Drag 2 Kit and VOOPOO Drag Mini Kit, the UForce U2 Replacement Coil is what gives it its fascinating performance and flavor that you will love. If you need a refresher for your UForce T2 Tank, you’ll need the VOOPOO UForce U2 Replacement Coils.

Product Specifications and Features


  • 0.4ohm resistance
  • 50-90W range


  • 0.13ohm resistance
  • 50-100W range, recommended 70-80W
  • Single Mesh Construction


  • 0.3ohm resistance
  • 45-80W range
  • Dual Mesh Construction


  • 0.2ohm resistance
  • 65-100W range
  • Triple Mesh Construction


  • 0.6ohm resistance
  • 24-28W range
  • Singe Mesh Construction


  • 0.4ohm resistance
  • 40-80W range, recommended 55-65W


  • 0.23ohm resistance
  • 50-120W range, recommended 60-80W
  • Dual vertical coil


  • 0.15ohm resistance
  • 65-110W range


  • 0.15ohm resistance
  • 70-130W range

Where to buy.

To buy the VOOPOO UForce U2 Replacement Vape Coils, the west coast vape supply is your most reliable plug. Not only are they reliable, but at $16.99, which is 43% off its original price of $29.99, they offer this product at the most competitive price you can get on the market.


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