Want to Enjoy the Flavor of Your E-Juice to the Fullest? Here Are Some Ideas!

It can be a bummer to be vaping an e-juice with a delicious flavor but it tastes a bit muted or the flavor doesn’t pop as you may want. If you are faced with this predicament, you’ll be glad to know that there are ways to remedy this issue. 

There are many reasons why the flavor of your e-juice may not taste very rich. It could be that you’re getting symptoms of vaper’s tongue. When experiencing vaper’s tongue, you may lose your ability to taste the flavor of your e-juice. The good news is that vaper’s tongue is temporary, and you can correct it by keeping yourself well hydrated while vaping and also changing the flavor of your e-juice regularly. It may also be good to take a break from vaping for a couple of days for your taste buds to fully recover before you resume puffing.

Another reason why your e-juice flavor may not be popping could be that your tank is dirty. When e-liquid is vaporized, it leaves a residue in your tank. If you do not clean your tank regularly, this buildup of residue can affect the flavor of your vape juice. You can correct this by cleaning your tank. There are many articles that provide a step-by-step guide on how to clean your vape tank. One crucial part of cleaning your tank includes changing your atomizer (or if you are using a rebuildable system, change your coil and wicking material). 

Sometimes, your tank may be clean, but you may not be getting the full force of the flavor of your e-juice due to its design. Flavor chasers know that tanks with a bottom airflow design produce more intense flavor than those with a top-airflow design. The reason why bottom airflow devices produce richer flavor is that the air goes straight to the coil before coming up to your mouth. For best results, choose a bottom airflow atomizer with a short frame – the short frame means the vapor has a short path to travel before reaching your mouth. All this contributes to giving you the best flavor. 

The e-liquid that you choose can also affect the richness of the flavor that you get from your e-juice. Not all vape juices are the same in terms of their quality. Some e-liquid manufacturers have mastered the art of making blends that taste spectacular. If everything doesn’t work, try changing your e-liquid flavor. The key to ensuring you get the very best e-liquids on the market is to shop from a reliable store. Hazetown Vapes is one of the premier vape stores Canada with a massive collection of top-rated e-liquids and other vaping products. You can be assured that you’re getting nothing but the best when you buy from this store. As a rule, high PG e-liquids tend to produce a more intense flavor than high VG e-liquids. 

Some other ways you can enhance the flavor of your e-juice include experimenting with different wattage and airflow settings and trying a more narrow drip tip. 

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